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GourmetWala is one of the pioneer companies in North America’s western region to bring and make several Indian and South East Asian food brands a household name with Asian shops and stores in our territories.

We are a distributor, wholesaler and importer of quality brands of Canadian & Indian food staples like basmati rice, ready mixes, snacks, sweets, ready to eat snacks and frozen sweets & snacks, ready meals and many more.

Everybody Love Our Products


Premium Quality

High quality, nutritious Indian and International food packed with bold flavor and made in North America.

Ready to Use

Freshly prepared, packed and ready to use products with simple preparation & serving  steps.

100% Pure Ingredients

Joy of top quality ingredients from around the world that allows our products to stay fresh & tasty.


We work with manufacturers that use cutting edge technology and innovative methods to prepare the food that is served to you.

Secret Ingredients

We nurture the passion for creativity with full respect for humanity and nature. Our manufactures have the same vision.

Food that you Love

We strive to bring more provides that you like, we would love yo listen to your ideas and your feedback.

Become our Customers


Are you looking for wholesale distributors for your business? We can help you grow your business by providing the highest quality Asian food products available for your customers. Be known for great products, and keep them coming with Gourmet Wala  as your distribution partner.

Call us at 714 228-9832 to discuss your specific needs.